2018 Reads 1-5

Technically this was a carry-over from 2017, but since I finished it in 2018 Goodreads counts it as my first 2018 read.

This was FASCINATING! I’ve always been interested in Psychology and Sociology, but not so much so that I wanted to major in it or formally study it. This book was perfect for me. It weaves the real-life stories of celebrities with science: studies, past forms of treatment, current forms of treatment, etc.

One of my favorite chapters was on George Gershwin. I listened to the songs referenced as I read and I highly recommend you do the same if you read this book. It’s too bad he died so young, he really was a genius. PS – Frank Lloyd Wright sounds like a real dick.

I had such high hopes for this book. The chapter titles intrigued me and made me excited to read the chapters. Examples: If you have just sent your ex a very intense emotional e-mail, Read about Caroline Lamb and Lord Byron. If you were dumped, Read about Edith Wharton and Morton Fullerton. If you deserve an apology, Read about Norman Mailer and Adele Morales Mailer.

However, I hated the author’s style of writing. Some of the stories, especially the oldest ones, have very little documentation that carried over so she sprinkled in a lot of her own commentary. She was going for a tone of snarky fun comments, but I found her interjections distracting and obvious filler.

I did enjoy the stories about the couples by themselves. It’s insane how awful some of these people were to their significant others/flings. My go-to consolation to any of my friends were “Boys are assholes.” or “Girls are bitches.” and these stories show I’m not always wrong.

I needed something fun and fluffy after those last two and this was exactly what I needed. This book is truly for a sci-fi/gaming geek though because there are a lot of references that not everyone will get.

Basically, if you’ve ever considered going to Comic-Con or any type of Con and you like romcoms, you’ll get a kick out of this book. It’s also a Cinderella retelling, which I had no idea. I almost wish Starfield were real. I’m sure I wouldn’t love it as much as Doctor Who, but I’d totally binge it if I could.

I have never read a Stephen King before and this came recommended by a BookTuber (I’m kicking myself for not writing down her name) as one of his lesser-known books that she liked. This one was written under his pseudonym, Richard Bachman.

I can’t explain what was so compelling about the book. It’s this competition where these boys walk until they last one is left standing. The writing is SO good and I was tired every time I set the book down (which only happened a couple times because I couldn’t stop reading). They never stop walking and I could feel their pain and exhaustion.

It messes with your head a bit and I’m still torn up when I think about that ending. If you read it, let me know because I need to get your thoughts on it.

Also, if you have any Stephen King’s that you recommend, hand them over because I want to read more of him.

This was on one of those “2017 must read” lists that float around on Pinterest.

It was weird. Really really weird.

But really well-written.

That’s all I have to say about it. You just have to experience it for yourself if it’s something that sounds intriguing.

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