Okinawa Zoo Lights – Snow & Light Winter Story

zoo lights bokeh

As soon as ITT announced zoo lights tickets, I sent Cass to pick a pair up. I didn’t go to the zoo lights when I was in Oregon and I wish I did. But I also hate crowds and driving at night so…I guess I don’t regret that decision.

food stands

If you like light tunnels, you need to check out the Okinawa Zoo Lights. Tunnels over stairs, a Christmas themed tunnel, a snowflake themed tunnel, a heart tunnel…so many tunnels!

Christmas tree of lights

There were also so many interactive displays and lots of fun things for the kids. There was even a snow play area! We timed our visit perfectly so that by the time we were done walking through the zoo we were just in time for the laser light show. Purely coincidental!

Okinawa Zoo LightsOkinawa Zoo Lights

It was a windy night so the fog machines weren’t very effective, but it was still a really cool show. I thought the fireworks were only for Christmas and New Years so it was a surprise when they shot off. I also didn’t know there was a water cannon element…which was fun and all, but it sucked when the mist rained down on the crowd. It was too cold for that.

laser light showlaser light show

Next year we’ll have to go during Christmas week to see the Christmas Fantasy lights. I’m guessing the displays stay the same and the light show and other entertainment changes.

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