Lexi & Gambit Update

Our fence request was approved, but the materials are expensive and we want to hire someone to do it so we don’t have to…and that’s more money. It took so long to go through approvals that the spray paint showing where not to dig have faded so we’d have to re-request that. At this point it seems like a lot of work.

But that means that they got harnessed up and walked every time they need to go out. Rain or shine. Lazy or not. Sick or healthy. At least 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once in the evening, and once before bed. Sometimes more. It sucks sometimes.

Lexi is still under quarantine. BUT IT’S ALMOST OVER!!! Next month she’ll be able to go off base and we can take her to events on base. YAAAAAY! We’ve brought Gambit twice to the dog park, and one of those times was only because Lexi was being groomed so we didn’t feel guilty leaving her behind. She doesn’t act up and she doesn’t seem to really care. In fact, she always looks like she just woke up from a good nap whenever we come back. But we still feel super guilty.

Gambit’s 3rd birthday is coming around about now. They estimated 6-8 months when we adopted him so that’s around end of February to March. As soon as Lexi’s quarantine is up, we’re going to take them to the beach or to one of the bigger parks. It’ll for sure be a big dog adventure specifically for them.

Both pups have been extra lovey and clingy. I don’t know if it’s because they see Cass coming and going a lot so they’re trying to hold me down so I can’t leave too. But I love their cuddles even if they’re productivity killers. I’ve been working on getting them on some semblance of a schedule even when Cass has very unpredictable work hours. They definitely behave better when they know their next walk isn’t coming for awhile. But it also means I have two very vocal dogs when I’m 1 minute over their afternoon walk time.

I’ve been doing BarkBox unboxings with them, but the January one was a total fail. In November and December’s unboxing, they run all over the place and it’s hard to get them to stay in one area and focus. So I thought if we do it on the bed, they’d stay a little more contained. They somehow managed to scoot themselves into the camera blind spots and would plant there.

On top of that, the chew of the month was a trachea that wasn’t completely wrapped in plastic. Ants got all up in there and it was chaos trying to clean them out. Luckily they didn’t care about the sealed treats and the toys so I didn’t have to deal with that. Here’s hoping next month goes much better. I’ll end this with December’s video.

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