Book Review: Winter

Winter book review

FINALLY! Finally, I’ve read conclusion to the Lunar Chronicles. I skipped Fairest so I’ll have to read that and Stars Above to really be done with all of the books. But the main 4 books of the series are officially read. Finally.

What I Loved:

» How memorable the series is
It’s been almost three years since I read Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress so my main concern was that I’d start reading Winter and I’d be so lost that I’d have to stop to go back and reread the first three books of the series. But I found that the characters and main plot points have stuck with me and that’s saying a lot.

» None of the title characters are perfect
All the main characters, and even their romantic pairings, are flawed in a significant way. I loved it! Perfection is impossible…and boring.

» The conclusion
I’m so happy the book was as long as it was. I needed a nice long book to finish off the series and I didn’t want anything to be rushed. I saw some reviews complained that the very end was too blah, but I disagree. I got exactly what I wanted in Winter.

What I Wished For:

» More complex romance story lines
I get that these are fairy tale re-tellings, and I guess in a chaotic world it was kind of nice to have such predictable “easy” romances. But I wished for a little more complexity.

» More of Levana being powerful
I wanted to see more of her being a badass villain. She had her moments, but I wanted more.

» More of Winter
So much of the book is about her frailty and beauty. In her moments of lucidity I wanted to see her being strong and inspiring. Also, for being the titular character, she (and Jacin) didn’t seem as fleshed out as the other characters.

Awesome conclusion to the Lunar Chronicles.

Fantasy AdventureAThon TBR

I was browsing through Twitter and came across the Fantasy AdventureAThon. I loved the idea of a choose your own adventure challenge and it’s been a while since I’ve read fantasy so this sounded like fun!

I came up with my path and team fairly quickly.

My TBR took more time because all my books are still packed in boxes. I dug through them to find as many of my fantasy books as I could without taking every single book out. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but the only books I’m buying are graphic novels to complete collections. Everything I read is either books I already own or books I borrow.

I was hoping more of my holds at the library would come through, but they didn’t. I picked some popular books and new releases, so they were long shots. But I still have a week so fingers crossed.

If you want to join, it’s not too late! Go here for the details.

2018 Reads 6-10

I’ve heard so many good things about Brandon Sanderson and I’ve been wanting to read one of his books for awhile. I started out with a standalone (SO rare for the fantasy genre).

I think this was the perfect introduction. This story is set in a world where the magic system is powered by color. How cool is that? There’s much more to it, but I think it’s best explained in the book. The pace is a little slow at times, but I never felt so bored that I wanted to quit.

I’m not sure which of his series I want to try out. If anyone has a suggestion, throw it my way. If you’re a fantasy fan or if you want to try it out, I highly suggest Warbreaker. It’s not too complicated that you’ll be confused and it’s a fun storyline.

I love reading books set in Portland. When I heard of this one, I immediately put it on hold at the library.

This is about a teenage girl named Jade from the poor neighborhood of North Portland who attends a prestigious private school in downtown Portland on a scholarship. The book tackles racial and class issues. It’s not a particularly deep or hard-hitting book. But it brings to light some issues that maybe you didn’t consider. Even though I related a lot to Jade as an Asian and as someone who relied on some low-income programs to get a leg up, some of her story still gave me some new things to think about.

I’m not going to give away too much so if you’re curious about specifics about my story and what I learned, feel free to message me.

I hate reading hyped series as the books are released because I have no chill and no patience. I almost always wait and read the whole thing at once. I don’t know why I tortured myself by snatching up the first of The Belles series.

But I couldn’t help myself when I heard about The Belles. The idea of an ugly grayscale population and Belles with the power to bring color and beauty to the people was too intriguing to pass up. It was an interesting read, but predictable at times. I’m curious to see where the story goes so I’ll read the next installation when it comes out.

Four young siblings hear about a woman who could predict a person’s death date. They go to see her and one by one speak to her alone.

The book debates the idea of fate. Does knowing their predicted death date cause the siblings to make certain choices in their lives that lead them to that date. Or will that death date come true regardless of how they live?

I had a hard time putting this book down. I found the Gold siblings so fascinating and so tragic. I highly recommend it to fans of thought-provoking books or literary fiction.

Wow this book made me sad and frustrated. It’s a story about Alice (a manic pixie dream girl type) and an incident with Brandon (the best quarterback their small town has ever seen) told from the perspective of four of their peers.

I was surprised how much the reader learns about Alice and Brandon without ever hearing from them. It was a really cool way to tell a story. However, it did leave some holes in Alice’s story since we don’t see her view. The story is told through rumors and gossip. By the end, most of the truth comes out through bits and pieces.

To me, the last few chapters fell flat. After so much build up, I was expecting more than that. I also wish there was more character development of the four narrators. They came off one-dimensional. I wanted them to show a little more of themselves and show a little more complexity.

But despite my complaints, I devoured the book and I liked it. A solid 3/5 stars.