Book Review: Winter

Winter book review

FINALLY! Finally, I’ve read conclusion to the Lunar Chronicles. I skipped Fairest so I’ll have to read that and Stars Above to really be done with all of the books. But the main 4 books of the series are officially read. Finally.

What I Loved:

» How memorable the series is
It’s been almost three years since I read Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress so my main concern was that I’d start reading Winter and I’d be so lost that I’d have to stop to go back and reread the first three books of the series. But I found that the characters and main plot points have stuck with me and that’s saying a lot.

» None of the title characters are perfect
All the main characters, and even their romantic pairings, are flawed in a significant way. I loved it! Perfection is impossible…and boring.

» The conclusion
I’m so happy the book was as long as it was. I needed a nice long book to finish off the series and I didn’t want anything to be rushed. I saw some reviews complained that the very end was too blah, but I disagree. I got exactly what I wanted in Winter.

What I Wished For:

» More complex romance story lines
I get that these are fairy tale re-tellings, and I guess in a chaotic world it was kind of nice to have such predictable “easy” romances. But I wished for a little more complexity.

» More of Levana being powerful
I wanted to see more of her being a badass villain. She had her moments, but I wanted more.

» More of Winter
So much of the book is about her frailty and beauty. In her moments of lucidity I wanted to see her being strong and inspiring. Also, for being the titular character, she (and Jacin) didn’t seem as fleshed out as the other characters.

Awesome conclusion to the Lunar Chronicles.