Grand Canyon Viewpoint

He’s Cass. I’m Joslin.

We are currently living on Okinawa in Japan. We’ve accidentally become world travelers and are absolutely thrilled by it. We’ve lived in Alaska, Italy, New Mexico, and Japan. And that’s not even counting where we’ve lived solo! Every time it’s time to pick up and move, we embrace the chance to see a part of the world we’d never see otherwise. The military life is difficult, but we like to make the most of it and enjoy the good sides of this chaotic lifestyle.

Our travel style is pretty simple: we like to see or do things that we wouldn’t have the chance to do anywhere else. Of course theme parks and things like go karts and zoos and malls are awesome, but they’re not the first or second priorities. We like to do a mix of the most popular tourist attractions and obscure weird little places that most people don’t think to make time for.

But don’t let that opening introduction fool you, we are huge homebodies too. Travel and exploration can be spendy so we like to lay low and pinch our pennies so we can go on the next big adventure. We love to park on the couch with our dogs and binge shows for hours at at time. It also wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to find us on opposite ends of the couch on our phones, giggling and holding our screen toward each other to show the funniest/cutest/weirdest gifs, memes, and videos from social media.

We’re huge into football (NFL) and we watch every Seahawks game (my team, Cass’s adopted team) and the occasional Buccaneers game (Cass’s team) if they don’t play at the same time. We occasionally get sucked into a video game, usually separately but sometimes we’ll find a game we can play together. Cooking is a chore to us, but it’s fun when we do it together.

Lexi is a West Highland White Terrier born in Texas in August of 2015.

I’ve always wanted a Westie, just like the dog food commercials. We knew that when we left Italy and moved to New Mexico that we would make it happen. We drove 20 hours straight, round trip, on the weekend to get her. She’s the boss of the house and adapts well to most situations. She loves meeting new people and is very vocal. She loves walks, but is in it for the sniffs not the exercise.

Gambit is a Doxie mix rescued in New Mexico born maybe Feb/March of 2016

He’s our little sweetie boy who loves to give cuddles and kisses. He acts and sounds aggressive with new dogs, but he’s all talk. He sleeps and lounges all day, but take him outside and he’s pure energy.

We love that they match our mood. If we’re in lazy mode and want to spend the weekend on the couch, they’re snuggled up with us and snoozing away. If we want to go for a hike, they’re jumping into their harnesses and ready to go!

casual family portrait